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Driving lessons - Braintree

BDA Driving School have professional, approved driving instructors throughout Essex and Hertfordshire and provide driving lessons in Braintree. When you are searching for driving lessons in Braintree call BDA Driving School on 0800 068 7734. BDA Driving School has both male driving Instructors and female driving Instructors should you have a preference.

About your driving lessons in Braintree

If you are located in Braintree, Your driving lessons will take place in and around Braintree. Your instructor will arrange a pick up location with you (usually your home, but sometimes it may be college or work. For your initial driving lessons your driving instructor will take you to a location where you can safely control the vehicle. Many of the main roads in Braintree are considered too busy and potentially dangerous to take a first driving lesson so often a quieter residential area is chosen. If your pick up point is one of the busy areas of Braintree your BDA driving instructor will usually drive you to the location of your first and possibly subsequent driving lessons.

During your first driving lesson your instructor will teach you about the controls and instruments of the car and the purpose they serve. Depending on the duration of your first driving lesson, you may have the opportunity to learn how to move the car off and then bring it to a standstill. As you progress, have had more driving lessons and satisfied your driving instructor that you have the required levels of ability and confidence, you will experience driving in busier areas of Braintree.

After your driving lessons your instructor will drive you back home or to your agreed drop-off point in Braintree.

To book driving lessons in Braintree call:
BDA Driving School on 0800 068 7734


What We Promise

Advanced Driving, Door-to-Door Service, Hazard Perception Training, Highway Code, Manual Cars, Mock Driving Tests, Nervous Drivers, Theory Tests. All are Instructors are Department of Transport Approved.

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